Weekly game text faq

How do I get started? Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. In that email you will see a number to text from your phone.  Then simply follow the prompts to register!

What platform are the texts coming from? The texts come directly from me through an app called Community. 

Why does Community ask for my birthdate? Community has their own guidelines and regulations. They ask for your birthdate to make sure you are of age to become a Community Member.

Do I have to enter my age? Yes, but I would never know if you entered a different year...hint, hint. :-)

When I text, who sees it? Just me (Kristie)!

Why do you want to know the age of my little one? I would love to customize these texts one day, specific to age. When you text me a keyword I've set up (like FOUR, FIVE, or SIX), you automatically get put into that group. When your little one gets older, simply text me and I can move you to the next age group.

How often will I be charged for Weekly Game Text? This is a yearly cost, unless you cancel. Simply text me when you'd like to cancel. You'll also be sent a reminder once your yearly cost is going to be charged again. (Your own carrier's text costs my apply.)

Are there refunds? No. Once you have been charged, there are no refunds. But don't forget when you first sign up you get a free 30 day trial. You can text me CANCEL before your 30 days expires to avoid being charged.

What will my little one learn? Pre-literacy skills.  Before your little one can read phonetically they will need a solid foundation of Alphabetic Knowledge, Rhyme, and Phonemic Awareness.

What can I expect in a text? Each week I will send a game or activity to play that week.  Most times I will include a video so you can see the game in action. These activities are easy, but incredibly impactful.  I encourage you to do them often.

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Kristie Shelley, mom & founder

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