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Don't let your little one slip down the Summer Slide*.

Boys Climbing Up Slide

Join the FREE SUMMER CLIMB Series where YOU will learn games that will prepare your kiddo to be READING READY!

*The Summer Slide is actual phenomenon when littles loose learning gains in the summer months.

The Summer Slide is a real thing- littles loose skills. Can you imagine how steep this slide is after school closings?  Help your soon to be kindergartner or first grader stay up with their pre-literacy skills this summer in the SUMMER CLIMB Series with easy, no prep, no tech games you can do anytime.

Who is this for?    

Moms that want to learn more and help lay pre-reading foundation for their littles. The games you will learn are geared to little ones entering K & 1st (4-6 year olds). But every little’s reading journey is different. If yours is entering preK and on the road to reading then go for it. If you have one entering 2nd grade and needs support in reading, I would recommend you sign up. All of the activities will only help. (My daughter is going into 2nd grade and we still play these games.) And if you come to the webinars (see below), you can ask specific questions about your kiddo and how to adjust to fit his reading ready journey.

How do I know if my little one needs to learn the skills taught in these games?    

Ask your little one to do these tasks....

1. Tell me a word that rhymes with the word cat.  Tell me a word that rhymes with the word love. Tell me a word that rhymes with the word foot.

2. Sing the ABC Song, but stop when you get to the letter N.

3. How many words are in this sentence: I am riding my bike. (Say it, don't show them the sentence. Can they hear it and tell you how many words?)

4. What's the first sound in the word dog? (/d/ sound, not letter). What's the first sound in the word chop? (/ch/)

If your kiddo struggles with any of these tasks (even just one), and she is entering kindergarten or first grade, I beg you to sign up!! Give her the foundation she needs for reading success.

What will I get & when?    

  • Two emails a week every Monday & Thursday starting Monday, July 6th and ending Thursday, Aug. 13th that will include:

    • A video introduction (the why) to a no prep, no tech game that you will learn and play with your little one.  

    • Step-by-step PDF on how to play the game

    • Video sample of the game being played


  • Two live webinars with me (Kristie!) to answer your questions. I have found these to be most beneficial. (see times below)


At the end of the 6 Weeks:

  • Downloadable Guide with all 12 games & their step-by-step process; extras including terms to learn to have easier & informed conversations with your little one's teacher; and bonus extended practice word lists.


What is the time commitment? 

On Mondays and Thursdays you'll need about 10 minutes to watch my intro video, read the step-by-step on how to play the game, and watch the 1 minute video of the game in action. Then each day only 5-10 minutes to interact and play the game with your little one. This will be, as we like to call in it my family, awesome QT (quality time). Honestly these games can be done anywhere- during tub time, at the breakfast table, waiting in line at the market, driving in the car, anywhere! 


Plus, I'd love to see you at the two live Webinars I'm hosting. See below.


The games progress in difficulty with each email, so do your best to keep up. If you can’t no worries, you'll have access to the Summer Climb page through September.

What will I learn?    

You’ll learn games to play with your little one to build their pre-literacy skills- a little bit of Alphabetic Knowledge (mastering the alphabet), a little bit of Rhyme, and a lot of Phonemic Awareness (playing with sound)  Along the way I will share why they need each skill and how the game helps build it up.


What will my little one learn?    

Nothing! They're just playing games. Kidding. They're going to learn pre-literacy skills that will help them be ready for reading and spelling. These games lay the foundation in phonemic awareness, rhyme, and alphabetic knowledge.  All musts before learning phonics. And musts while learning to read and spell.



What is Phonemic Awareness?  

Phonemic Awareness does not get the recognition it deserves, usually Phonics is the rock star, but Phonemic Awareness deserves the spotlight. Without Phonemic Awareness, little ones would struggle with phonics.  It's actually one of the most fun stages of reading because you learn to play with sounds before the pressure of needing to know which letter goes with which sound. Having Phonemic Awareness means you are aware of the individual phonemes in the spoken language (What's the first sound in 'cat'? /k/) and you have the ability to manipulate sounds (Replace the /k/ sound with /h/, what's the word now? 'hat').


What is Alphabetic Knowledge?    

Knowing the ins and outs of the squiggly lines we call the alphabet.  Before reading, your little one needs to know ALL the names, shapes, and sounds of each letter. (Just the basic sounds, the complex ones like digraphs (ch, th, etc) will be a part of their school phonic’s program.)


Why are these skills so important?    

In order to learn to read, a little one needs (at minimum):
1. Print & Book Awareness
2. Language & Learning Skills
3. Alphabetic Knowledge 
4. Phonological Awareness (rhyme & phonemic awareness)
5. Interest in Learning to Read

#1 & #2 are going to come naturally through you simply talking & reading to your little one. 


#5 is a little nature and nurture.  


But #3 & #4 take special attention.  These are skills that need to be explicitly taught. And the best time to work on them is now! Early and often.

If your little one knows the alphabet inside and out, can rhyme, and can distinguish and manipulate sounds they will be golden and ready for phonics.



When are the live webinars?    

Saturday, July 25th 12:00pEST (Check-in & Q&A) & Thursday August 13th 8:00pEST (Q&A, What Next?, & Celebration) 


I hope you can join me!

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