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Make a BIG impact in little time!

Subscribe to receive weekly Early Literacy Activities- skills they need before learning to read. You'll never forget to prepare your little one for reading.


Perfect for the 4-6 year olds in your life.


Not another book. Not another Zoom. Just a simple email or text (you choose) delivered directly to you with fun, quick games to play that will help your little one to be reading ready. (Really, it's that easy and effective!)

Build skills while you instill the love of reading.


The journey to reading is not always an easy one, because unlike learning to talk, learning to read is not natural. The delicate process of learning to read is often a mystery to parents of young children.


"They'll learn to read in school!"


Unfortunately that is not always the case. Our national reading scores prove this- over 60% of 4th graders cannot read at grade level. These are not just 'those kids', they're yours and mine. Every child has the risk of being part of this statistic if they don't have a solid pre-reading foundation.


Learning to read starts at home.


The little secret few know is that it takes more than just reading books to prepare a child for reading. Before they can sound out words on a page, they have to tune their ears to sound. They must also master those squiggly lines on the page we call letters. It takes a lot of practice over time to really own these skills and be ready for reading.


I'm here to help!


I took my knowledge as an educator & mom, and created a simple platform to teach you fun activities to play with your little one. My goal is to educate you on the language & literacy skills they need before the can truly be ready for reading. I will do this by teaching you engaging, quick, no-prep activities.

The activities are meant to meet your little one where they are! Once you sign up, you'll answer a few questions to see what they need.


What will the activities teach?

  • Alphabetic Knowledge: in ways you've never seen before

  • Phonological Awareness: including rhyme, syllables, phonemic awareness (the lost key to reading readiness)

  • Confidence: with sight words, repetitive text, comprehension strategies, and more.


You're busy. I've got you! I'll be here to remind you weekly to play these games. They're super easy to do and take less than a minute to play. Each week I'll send you a text or email explaining how to play the game and/or a short video to model how it's done. You will learn new games and revisit key games to ensure that your little one's skills continue to build. 


With each activity I'm giving you peace of mind that your little one will love reading and be ready to take it on-- whenever they're ready.


Sign up today to start receiving weekly Early Literacy Activities!


(Text Subscription is only Available in the U.S. and Canada.)



What users say about the weekly activities...

For a busy working mom these texts & games are a welcome reminder to take a moment for early literacy.

I’m always searching for new and creative ways to combine learning and play, so this was an awesome solution! Each week I looked forward to receiving new texts and ideas to try out with my preschooler. I highly recommend giving it a try.

These are AWESOME!

Here's an example of a video you'll receive.

(You can even practice these skills in jammies.)



What will my little one learn? Pre-reading skills. Before your little one learns to read they will need a solid foundation of pre-reading skills. These include- Alphabetic Knowledge, Phonological Awareness (Rhyme, Phonemic Awareness), and of course confidence.


What can I expect? Each week I will send a fun game or activity to play that week. Most times I will include a video so you can see the game in action. These activities are easy, often less than a few minutes, but incredibly impactful. No materials are required (ok, maybe a book every now and then). I encourage you to do them often. To get a taste for some of the activities, check out the video above. I will also send tips and encouragement along the way.


Why can't I just watch the videos on the site and do them for free? You can! I have many free resources here on my site, so please use them. But there are many videos and activities that are included in the weekly texts that you will not see on the site. A reminder each week to do them is priceless!


Where is the TEXT subscription available? Only in the U.S. and Canada. 

Where is the EMAIL subscription available? No limitations. Anywhere you can receive emails.

How do I get started with the TEXT subscription? Once you have completed your purchase, you will be sent to a webpage that will include a number to text from your phone, text it; then simply follow the prompts to register. (Activities are sent out on Mondays, but you must register to start receiving them.) You'll also receive an email with the Getting Started Guide that includes the number to text, information about the subscription, reading terminology, and word lists.  Download and keep this! 


What platform are the texts coming from? The texts come directly from me through a platform called Community. Once you register, it functions just like a regular text interaction.


What information is needed to register with Community to receive the weekly activities? Your name, birthday, and city


Why does Community ask for my birthdate? Community has their own guidelines and regulations. They ask for your birthdate to make sure you are of age (over 13) to become a Community Member.


Do I have to enter my birthday? Yes, but I will never know if you entered a different year...hint, hint. :-)


Do I have to register with Community to receive the texts? Yes.


When will the activities be texted? Every Monday (Subscribe before 5pm EST Sunday to start receiving activities the following Monday. If you subscribe after 5pm EST on a Sunday, you will receive your first activity text the 2nd Monday.)

When I text, who sees it? Just me (Kristie)!



How often will I be charged for Weekly Early Literacy Activities? You will be charged each month. If you & your little one love it, keep going. And tell your friends all about it! (Your own carrier's text costs may apply.)


Are there refunds for the subscriptionNo, not once you've been charged for the month. But, you can cancel your subscription 14 days before your next payment. See question- Can I cancel? 

Can I cancel? Yes! You cancel at anytime.  I want you to LOVE this! But if it's not a good fit you can cancel. For TEXT subscriptions text me CANCEL 14 days before your next billing cycle. You do have to register and receive texts before you can cancel via text. For EMAIL subscribers you can email me: Again, text or email must be received 14 days prior to your next charge to avoid a recurring payment.

How do I purchase? Easy! Just click the HERE or the Subscribe button. You're the hero in their reading journey, I would be honored to be your guide. 


Take ADVANTAGE of this time!

Kristie Shelley, mom & founder

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