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Why The Mom Advantage?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

I cried a little tonight. If you know me, this is a rare occasion. It’s so rare that I know exactly the last time I cried. I get emotional. I get choked up, but tears are rare. Tonight I cried. I didn’t cry because of a tragedy. I cried because my daughter was reading on her own.

It wasn’t because I was so proud of her (which I am!!) it was for all the other children that don’t have the same opportunities as my daughter.

It was for the children that don’t have a mom that knows about phonemic awareness and high frequency words.

I cried because there are so many children that can easily avoid falling through the achievement gap.

I cried in frustration. How can I help?

It wasn’t until I became a mom did I realize that my knowledge in pre-reading skills was not widely known. My friends are smart. They run companies; they are nurses, company leaders, lawyers, stay-at-home moms, running departments at fancy universities, and so much more. Trust me, they know a lot of things that I don’t know- I learn from them daily- but I realized the knowledge I had could help them, their children, and children everywhere!

I had an awakening- I have been working in the wrong space. I have spent the last 20 plus years in education. As a teacher, a consultant helping teachers, a curriculum director at an ed tech company, a vp at my own education company- all helping teachers help students. It dawned on me, I need to get the help out earlier, before they start school. No, more than that, I need to help moms. Moms are the influencers. Moms have the advantage. The Mom Advantage.

If I can help a mom learn how to prepare their littles for reading, then I can help close the achievement gap. Moms will do anything for their babies, right?

So I am making that my mission- to work with moms to close the achievement gap by sharing tools to promote early literacy awareness.

You may say, “I read to my son every night!” “We sing the ABC song!” “We practice writing all the time!” “Isn’t that enough?”

The answer is yes, you are probably doing enough. Yet, there is more, so much more that should be done before they enter kindergarten.

We don’t know out of the womb if our child will be a struggling reader. But, did you know you can get a hint at this as young as 3? Can you your child rhyme? This is a key indicator of their future reading skills. At 2 is your little picking up books and eating them? Just making sure you are paying attention. No, seriously, is your 2 year old picking up books and holding them upright? Turning the pages? These are clues on how much your little one is picking up on pre-reading skills. And there is so much more.

I have a a lot share! I’m bursting. Stay tuned...


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