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What Skills Are You Passing On?

You have skills. Whether you know it or not, you’ve got ‘em. And your little ones are watching your every move and learning from you- how you treat the neighbor, the way you hold your fork.

I believe as moms, we have an advantage with our little ones. I call it the Mom Advantage. We really could teach them anything.

We can teach them to believe in themselves.

We can teach them to be independent.

We can teach them to trust.

We can teach them to love.

We can also pass on skills that we have, like baking, gardening, surfing, or reading. I actually only know how to do one of those four. I'm a horrible baker (that’s my daughter’s skill- thank goodness for the Food Network). I kill every plant I touch. I'd probably drown if I tried surfing.

I can teach a kid to read. I just wish every parent had this skill.

After spending over 20 years in education I can clearly say, something needs to change in the way we approach reading. Over 63% of 4th graders in the U.S. read below grade level. Yes, you read that right. We can do better.

Statistics show that a majority of the students that are behind are missing specific skills, skills that should have been mastered before reading. The biggest missing skill set? Phonological Awareness, which includes understanding the rhythm (pauses, syllables, etc.), rhyme, and sounds in language. The good news is that Phonological Awareness is really easy to learn and easy to teach. It simply takes a lot of repetition. That's where you come in.

I believe every mom has the opportunity to prepare their little one for reading, making the journey effortless. Because often times it's not- and those statistics above show it.

Learning to speak is natural, but learning to read it not.

You can start to prepare them now with easy, quick games that build the skills they need to be reading ready. Games to build alphabetic knowledge & phonological awareness- like these.

Let me teach you! Subscribe to receive weekly activity texts from me, sent directly to your phone. I will send you a ton of Phonological Awareness games, along with other games to help with key pre-reading skills. They're really fun. To quote a current subscriber- "These are AWESOME!" I developed this platform to make your life easier. Just think, you'll learn new skills to pass on; and in the end your little one will be ready to be a reader.

I will take volunteers to teach me gardening skills. Anyone? That is a skill I would love for my daughter to learn. I don't think it would be helpful for her to learn how to kill plants, and that's all I can give in this arena. For now I'll stick to teaching what I know best.

What we teach them matters. We have the advantage.

And they're ready to learn.

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