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Trick Question- How Many Letters are in the Alphabet?

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

When asked how many letters there are in the alphabet, you may answer 26. That is half the answer- literally. Anyone that has ever tried to teach a four-year-old how to write knows that there are actually 52 letters to learn because you have to consider the upper and lower case. This is relevant in the world of literacy.

I would argue that there are even more- How many ways have you seen the lower case ‘a’ written? What about ‘q’? And 'g'?

letter g on paper

Point out letters frequently in books. Compare the way one book shows the letter ‘a’ compared to another. Giving this awareness to your child now will help down the road. Letters won’t be so foreign. Because really if you think about it, they are just some lines on a page to little ones until they develop an understanding and gain Alphabetic Knowledge.

Children need to be exposed to all letter shapes, be able recognize them, to name them, write them, and eventually use them to read and communicate. It’s complex. You can make it easy if you start playing with the alphabet today.


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