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The Overwhelm

I know. It's been a while.

I don't really have an answer to why I was absent for so long, I only have excuses I think you can relate to- a full-time, demanding job; the overwhelm; the era of covid; family; little ones & school; the exhaustion; did I mention the overwhelm?

I put my all into the six-week Summer Climb Series I hosted. I had a great number of moms (and grandmas) sign up. It was amazing to help so many of you understand the value of early literacy skills, and keep our little ones from falling behind even more over the summer. But when it was done, I was done. Wiped out. My energy drained.

My daughter did the same thing around May. After two months of school closures she was done with school. More significantly, she completely stopped reading.

I have to admit I went into a little bit of a panic since reading is my jam, but I was patient. I continued to play the games here on my site and read probably more than she cared for.

And you know what, eventually she came back even stronger. Her reading has blossomed as a second grader's should. It reminded me we all need a break. I know I did.

I hope I can follow in my daughter’s footsteps and come back even stronger. Helping you understand the importance and value of early literacy skills is my passion. I want to continue supporting you on this journey to help make your little one reading ready. I've been planning on how I can do just that!

Be on the lookout for more from me in 2021, like:

1. Monthly activities to your inbox, specific to age

2. More frequent blogs

3. A book! Yes, I'm working on a book to help you.

4. Opportunities for one-on-one coaching with me.

Overwhelm is officially in my rearview mirror. I'm going soak up these last weeks of 2020, and get ready to rock 2021...because it can only get better!


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