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My Unique Mother’s Day Ritual

How do you celebrate?

Maybe with some flowers, a nice brunch, an hour to yourself, or all of the above.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all awesome- I’d take any of it. But I do something a little different on this day.

Every Mother’s Day, I wake, and give thanks to my daughter. Why? Because she made me a mother.

Becoming a mom was not an easy road for me.

It was something I always dreamed of. Growing up, my friends all knew I wanted three to four kids. I had their names picked out (come on, you know you did too-ha!). I knew how far apart they were going to be in age.

Then life happened.

You can probably guess where this story is going. I was ‘of advanced age’ when we finally tried. The trying led to heartbreak. The heartbreak led to science, which led to more heartbreak. After rounds of IUI, rounds IVF, a surgery, extractions, implantations, needles, pills, hopes, and tears (many, many tears) my dream finally came true. (Oh, here come the tears again.)

The road to this point was treacherous, but worth every moment.

The second I held her in my arms I said- This is it. This is all I need.

From that moment I consciously made the effort to be grateful for every moment- even the tough ones. Believe me, it’s hard when she’s upset, crying, and telling me it’s all my fault. Or when she’s asking for something and hates me because I say no.

I still give graditude to the fact I’m even able to experience this at all. Motherhood.

This core belief that I carry with me actually contributed to the name of my platform-The Mom Advantage. We have such an advantage being in this role. We have the position to shape another human. To love on them, and give them what they need to be successful in this life. It is a privilege to be in this role. It is a role I never take for granted.

So each and every Mother’s Day while my husband and daughter are showering me with extra love and attention, I always give thanks to the Universe for giving me this dream come true.

Thank you, Della. You are everything I needed.

P.S. Happy Mother’s Day!! I love connecting with other moms. Sign up for my (not too often) newsletter & get a free Reading-Ready Checklist.


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