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Who We Are

Thank you for your interest in Reading Buzz and Reading Bee Magazines (The Magazines),  and for your interest in submitting your work for possible review and consideration for inclusion. Currently, we are accepting writing and craft pieces. Please note: The Magazines are not accepting illustrations or art at this time.


A little about The Magazines!

Reading Buzz Magazine and Reading Bee Magazine are bi-monthly magazines to both entertain and educate children ages 3-7. The magazines are filled with bright, colorful pages of poems, stories, and activities to build reading and writing skills, skills that will prepare little ones to become life-long readers and writers.

Reading Buzz Magazine 

  • Target audience: preschoolers and pre-kindergarteners (ages 3-5)

  • Includes: poems, stories, crafts; phonological awareness, alphabet, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing activities


Reading Bee Magazine 

  • Target audience: kindergarteners and first graders (ages 5-7)
  • Includes: poems, stories, crafts; phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing activities

What We Are Looking For:

  •  Non-Fiction and Fiction Stories 

    • Words must fit on 4 magazine pages (plus art which will be added by The Mom Advantage, LLC)

    • Max. 175 words total.

    • Non-fiction should be interesting and connect to children’s daily lives.

    • All fiction stories should include the following:

      • Plot

      • Social emotional lesson (sharing, making friends, being kind, courage, etc.)

    • Fiction should be fun, engaging, and entertaining. 

    • Fiction and non-fiction must engage specific target audience as outline above.

  •  Poems

    • Must fit on one page

    • Maximum of 50 words

    • Accepting both fiction and non-fiction poems

  •  Crafts

    • Must be 10 or less materials needed to complete craft

    • Must be completed in 12 steps or less

    • Must include a picture of finished product with submission to be considered (more pictures may be required if chosen)

    • Does not have to be done independently by child

Upcoming Issues' Themes:

June/July 2022 (Pilot)- Summer & Problem Solving

August/Sept 2022 (Pilot)- Back to School & Kindness

Deadline for submission is Monday, February 14, 2022


Legal Mumbo-jumbo

  • The Magazines reserve the right to place your work with the more suitable magazin​e.​​

  • The Mom Advantage, LLC does not accept pre-published works. 

  • The Mom Advantage, LLC cannot accept submissions from non-US Citizens and non-US residents. 

  • Compensation if offered a Contributor Agreement:

    • Note: You are not compensated for submitting your work for possible review. You are only eligible to be compensated upon receiving an offer to serve as a freelance contributor. Your offer will be received in the form of a Contributor Agreement. You will have an opportunity to review, consider, and accept the Contributor Agreement. 

    • The Mom Advantage, LLC reserves the right to change compensation – no compensation amount is final unless and until a Contributor Agreement offer has been made, the Contributor Agreement has been accepted, and the terms of the Contributor Agreement have been fulfilled.

    • Compensation for chosen work is as follows: 

      • Stories - Fiction and Non-Fiction: $125.00

      • Poems - Fiction and Non-Fiction: $50.00.

      • Craft- $70.00

  • Before you submit your work for possible consideration, please review and accept the Submission Agreement. If you do not understand the Submission Agreement, or you do not agree to the Submission Agreement, please do not submit your work for possible review. 

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Please read the Submissions Agreement before submitting your work.

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Who Are We
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