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Phonics Routines

Introducing High Frequency Words
Introducing HFW

High Frequency Words

1. Say the word

2. Spell it

3. Say the word

Blending exercise to help with reading
Blending: A Reading Skill


1. Write words where they can see you write.
2. Ask them to sound out each sound in the word.
3. Ask them to put it all together and say the whole word.
4. After writing all of the words, ask them to read all together for fluency.

Dictation, learning to spell
Model: Sentence Writing

Model Sentence Writing
1. Write an age appropriate sentence while they watch.

2. Point out capital letters

3. Note Sight Words (words that you can't sound out)

4. Point out any necessary punctuation 

5. Read Sentence together

Writing Fluency, writing a sentence
Writing a Sentence

Writing a Sentence
1. Say the sentence

2. Ask them to say it

3. Remind them of capital letters and punctuation

4. Say each word as they write, if needed.

5. Ask them to read it back to you.

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