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Kristie, mom & founder

I'm just a mom that believes every child deserves an equal opportunity at reading. I combine my love for my tribe (moms!) and my knowledge in language & literacy to curate easy, fun, researched backed activities that moms can do with their littles NOW to make an impact on their reading skills later.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about these invaluable years. This is the time to prepare your little one for later reading success. Trust me, it will pay off!

Important but boring stuff: I have my MA in Education. I am a former teacher, former literacy educational consultant, current language product director, and former VP at my own language company my BFF and I started and sold to a major ed tech company.

I know literacy. I know language. I know littles. This site brings those all together and presents to you, you amazing mom, moments to make an impact. I hope you have fun playing and learning together.

You are their first teacher, make it meaningful. 

Fun Facts:

- I have my BA in Education Specializing in Communicative Disorders/Learning Language from San Diego State- Go Aztecs!

- I have my MA in Education, Curriculum & Instructional Design.

- I was born and raised in California, but now live in a small coastal town south of Boston with my hubby and little one, that's not so little hoo.

- I live my life in a gratitude and growth mindset.

- I'm always up for a good book recommendation or to chat about food & travel.  If you use the 'Contact' page to send me what you're reading or your favorite vacation spot, it would make my day.

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